Monday, July 28, 2008

Just another weekend

Weekends in the Crook household tend to be busy, we like to get out and better familiarize ourselves with the culture of NW Ohio and our surroundings. This past weekend, Michelle and I helped some of our friends move to Grand Rapids, MI.

Neil got a new teaching gig at Davenport University and will start teaching after Labor Day, and Erica will be teaching online at Muskegom Community College. After the move, we all went out to Saugatuck, Oval Beach on Lake Michigan,

and then to Holland, MI. All I wanted was to buy some tulip bulbs to replace the ones the wild rabbits ate this past spring, but Holland, being the happening town it is, rolls up the sidewalks at five PM on Saturday and I could not even find a dutch boy to stick his finger in a dike. But I did get some pics.

My academic research examines the cultural significance of food an how groups construct/ maintaine a sense of place through food. Here's a nice pic of Michigan Blueberries in Holland:

Although I was unable to buy bulbs, I did come away with a five-pound box of fresh-picked Michigan blueberries.
Best, NC