Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winter: Part I of ?

It's bitter cold in Northwest Ohio, but at least we have inexpensive gas again:

Winter blew into BG yesterday, and left a short-lived dusting of snow across town, but we were not here to feel it. Michelle competed in her first swim meet since 1991, which took us to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio--more on this later. I have a backlog of day trips to post here (one to Frankenmouth, MI, our second trip to Holmes County, Ohio, and yesterday's trip to Oxford in SW Ohio) and hope to find a few minutes this next week to do it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Empty Nest Series

Instead of working on my dissertation, I took this series of three photos of an empty song sparrow nest in my front yard this morning. For each, I changed the setting for the color accent feature in my camera.

The first is auto color, the second is a custom red isolating the remaining leaves on the non-fruit baring ornamental plum, the third isolates the brightest color of the grass/ straw of the nest and also picks up accents in the tree bark and background. I think the third is my personal favorite. Enjoy the leaf peeping:NC

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Price for 87 octane today in BG

Saturday, as we were leaving for Holmes County to buy Amish cheese and baked goods, the price for 87 octane dipped to $1.91, but today the price is four cents higher per gallon. It seems that gas prices may have bottomed out here in NW Ohio; suffice it to say, I'd be pleased to see prices remain in this range for a while.

Fresh from casting my ballot for change in the gymnasium of Bowling Green High School, I took this picture at 10:15 this morning at the Circle K on Wooster. Michelle went to vote at 6:30 AM and stood in line for fifty-five minutes. I, on the other hand, arrived at the high school at 10:00 AM, was able to get right in and vote to make America a better place in under ten minutes.