Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winter: Part I of ?

It's bitter cold in Northwest Ohio, but at least we have inexpensive gas again:

Winter blew into BG yesterday, and left a short-lived dusting of snow across town, but we were not here to feel it. Michelle competed in her first swim meet since 1991, which took us to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio--more on this later. I have a backlog of day trips to post here (one to Frankenmouth, MI, our second trip to Holmes County, Ohio, and yesterday's trip to Oxford in SW Ohio) and hope to find a few minutes this next week to do it.


unika said...

mi fa molto piacere sapere che ti è piaciuta l'idea di preparare pasta e broccolo...fammi sapere come è andata:-)

JJ said...

I would try and put it in the same language as the one above but...I got nothin. I was just gonna say...can you send me some gas????

Heather said...

Ours is a bit more, but not much. I wish the nice folks at the natural gas company would adjust their rates to scale. :\

Cool blog - I'll be checking back for sure.