Friday, December 19, 2008

Ice-Storm Day

Here's another photo to add to the Empty Nest Series; I shot it this morning off my front porch.Overnight, a massive weather system made it's way across the Midwest dumping eight or so inches of snow across Southern Michigan and a narrow band of ice from Nebraska, all the way across Southern Iowa, Central Illinois, Northern Indiana, Northern Ohio, and to Philadelphia, PA.

Today was supposed to be the last day of classes for Bowling Green Schools before the long holiday break; however, due to weather conditions, school was cancelled before 5:30 AM. It's slick-slidin' out there, and ever-determined Michelle went to do her daily swim at the BGSU rec center this morning at six, and then to Ben's Table a local restaurant for breakfast with the swim team. Some things are natural, others are just crazy. I think I'm going to take Jessica and Emily to Corner Grill for breakfast and then to the Wood County Museum; crazy?


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JJ said...

I LOVE this picture!! I just got a decent camera so now I need to learn to take decent pictures LOL. We actually got a fair amount of snow in CA in places where it never snows. My brother has 4 ft. at his house...and he's only an hour from me. The girls keep waiting for there to be snow at our house but I think they are out of luck...although it did snow a bit about 15 minutes from here (ever notice Californians talk in minutes not miles??) in a place I have not seen it snow in the 11 years we have been here. Maybe after 11 years of wishing and asking Santa the girls really will get a white CA Christmas????