Saturday, March 21, 2009

Greetings from South Bend, Indiana

Greetings from beautiful and scenic South Bend, Indiana; I'm here for the Great Lakes American Studies Association annual conference and have been on campus all day. Here are some images of campus icons: Notre Dame is a gorgeous, self-contained campus; however, South Bend has nothing to offer. For example, when I and my traveling companions motored into town, we all had a hankerin' for some good local food. We drove around the downtown area for an thirty minutes and finally decided to eat at South Bend's favorite local dive, Burger King. This "town" has nothing to offer in the way of food.


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gidgettm said...

I'd pretend to be a little offended, since I lived in SB for my first 18 years, but good food is really hard to find in South Bend. Should you go again, there is a diner that does predictable diner food and the occasional good soup called Nick's. Another good option, The Grapevine, is down by the Football Hall of Fame. It is kind of upscale bistro-y. If you are in the mood for fancy, you want to go to the Carriage House. They serve really delicious homemade pate. Oh, and for great sandwiches and pastries, go to Macri's Deli.