Monday, September 1, 2008

Milan Melon Festival Grand Parade 2008

Of all the festivals and events that belong to the Ohio Festival & Events Association (, the Milan Melon Festival Grand Parade is recognized as the best parade in the state. Much of the credit needs to go to Art Dickman, who has been organizing the parade since 1971, and Doris Weiss, who has been in charge of the queens since the festival started in 1959. There are many other types of festivals in Ohio, but festivals featuring food are the most prominent. Although parades are not a significant area of my research, I am interested in the ways that food is presented at these parades. This year, the parade lasted an hour and 15 minutes. Here are just a few photos:

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drwizard said...

Wow! The summer after my senior year of high school, I helped my grandpa build a screen porch. At the time, he was really into this country music singer, Tracy Byrd. Tracy Byrd had a hit song, which I must have heard 1000 times that summer - "the watermelon crawl" - about a local watermelon festival with a watermelon queen and a ridiculous dance that I'm sure they're still performing at one of those line-dancing bars in rural Georgia at this very moment. These pictures are that song.

- Dr. Wizard