Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MacQueen Apple Butter Stir

The morning after the Nigerian Independence celebration we went to MacQueen Orchards for their annual Apple Butter Stir. MacQueen's produce a flash-pasteurized fresh cider that they then put into a slushy machine and it rolls and rolls around until it churns into a little bit of heaven...an icy heaven. This is a destination drink. It keeps me coming back year-after-year, well a little full disclosure is needed here, the delicious baked goods and doughnuts hold their own too. Notice the progression from fresh, raw apples for sale:
The apples then go to the cider mill. The secret to a tasty cider is a balance of equal parts sweet, tart and a juicy apples:
This machine turns apple cider into tasty li'l angels from heaven,which then we drink--ummmmm--delicious:
Also delicious:
Dave and Mirium Cooper of Cooper's Cider Mill come all the way from Bucyrus, Ohio to stir a 45-gallon copper kettle of applebutter over an open fire. Dave is the gentleman in the white shirt and straw hat who is helping Dara stir the kettle of the delicious spread:

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