Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another culinary curiosity

After spending the day at Oval beach, Lake Michigan, we bummed around Saugatuck. We all wanted to ride the chain ferry, but it was closed due to high winds, which causes me to ask what high winds? Anyway, here's a pic of Jessica and Emily wishing they could ride the chain ferry.
While looking into the shops in town, we came across Kilwin's Old Fashioned Chocolates, Fudge, Ice Cream Est. 1947 and decided to go in.
To my surprise, in amongst the over-sized nut-caramel-chocolate patties, I found the most pedestrian/ unique item in their candy case...a chocolate covered TWINKIE!
This kind of stuff causes me to abruptly shift into academic gear and describe/ analyze what I see going on here. I'll spare the blog the gory details, but here is the condensed version: (1) Twinkies have been around since 1933 and can be purchased at finer gas stations nation-wide. (2)Virtually anyone who grew up with any measure of affluence in the US has consumed or is at least aware of this "delicious" cream-filled snack cake, but here, (3)the good folks at Kilwin's have taken the "beloved" snack cake and ramped up the presentation with a liberal--not Democratic--dipping in milk chocolate, then is drizzled with both dark and white chocolate. (4)One may purchase this triple chocolate bomb for a just $6.50 each. If you are wondering if I bought one? The answer is NO.
When looking at the points above, One may see that Twinkies--an industrial food, common across the nation--can be personalized/ presented in a way that capitalizes on the nostalgia of eating this food while increasing the desirability/ visual appeal by adding value, here multiple layers of chocolate, that raises the price and makes the "Striped Twinkie" significantly less affordable than the original product and may be seen as more exclusive. Unlike the common Twinkie, a staple of lunch boxes across the nation, this Twinkie is only available at Kilwin's and is made uncommon by what Kilwin's does to it--in the same way that adding a signature to a document communicates authorship--Kilwin's adds their identity to a mass-produced food.
Happy eatin' NC


Anonymous said...

My fav. of the Seagull pictures is the 3rd because it is just telling you vote for me or else and I like the humor of it. Ta Ta


Michelle said...

See now I was thinking as I was reading that you and I are true kindred spirits until you wrote that you did not buy and consume the chocolate Twinkie. That is where we part ways my friend.

Anonymous said...

Y'all ever et a deep-fried Twinkie?

Nathan said...

yeah, I've tasted a deep-fried Twinkie...and even lived to deride it.