Monday, August 11, 2008

Framed Art

We have this amazing frame shop here in BG, Ben Franklin on Main Street. It is an all-purpose craft and general store with an old fashioned candy counter. This past week I took a 12" x 22" print of this photograph in for custom framing. I just heard that it is ready. This place consistently has the best custom framing.

Now about the pic. This was taken from my mother-in-law's place in Ogden on Christmas morning 2007 and is Ben Lomond Peak, Wasatch Range, Utah. The snow was fresh and you can see the powder blowing off the peak in the morning sun.

Best, NC


Melissa Seamons said...

Absolutely stunning! I've found that no matter how far they travel or how long they've been gone, the image of this mountain transports people from the Ogden area home.

I found your site through Michelle's. Nice to "see" you! Glad you're doing well!

Michelle said...

Melissa, you are so right. That mountain grounds me. I love going home so I can sit in my parents kitchen and stare at Ben Lomond.
Thanks for posting this pic Nathan.

Michelle said...

Me again. Thanks for the good laugh I got from your Una comment. It was sorely needed!