Friday, August 8, 2008

Haute Culture in BG

Culture drips from the trees in NW Ohio and in order to maintain the critical balance that prevents the time-space continuum from rupturing and obliterating our little corner of paradise BG is the home to both the world's first Department of Popular Culture at BGSU and The National Tractor Pulling Championship. Each August, by official mayoral proclamation, Bowling Green, Ohio transforms itself into PULLTOWN! --FULL PULL!-- (oops, I'm sounding like a native) and the rumblings of tractors of all sorts can be heard across town.

It's full-disclosure time here...I have never been to the tractor pulls, but I have been to the smaller-scale pulls at the Wood County Fair:
Did I mention that we live a block away from the Wood County Fairgrounds? Well, not only can the tractor pulls be heard across town, we can hear them in our basement with the Onkyo 6.1 surround system cranked. This year, Michelle, Jessica, Emily and I will crash Neil & Erica's place in Grand Rapids, MI for a weekend on Lake Michigan and a side trip to Holland for some tulip bulbs. Unfortunately, we will all miss the tractor pulls.

Wednesday at the Wood County Fair: Combine Demolition Derby

I took Jessica over to watch some quality entertainment. Admission: $6.00, tickets to the main event: $5.00, crowd watchin' at a COMBINE DEMOLITION DERBY: can't put a price on it.

An admirable sentiment: "The Survivor" is dedicated to the women in the driver's life who have battled breast cancer. Although this image does not show what is scrawled across the rear of the combine, this team is out to "save the tatas."

Best, NC


Pioneeress said...

Nate, just checking in to say, Hello! I've seen on the reunion postings about your life and work. I can relate a little as I did my mission in Columbus and attended the Circleville Pumpkin Days festival--biggest pumpkin pie in the world, as you know :) You have a beautiful family of girls! I have a wild and crazy family of boys! Best of luck to you! Sarah (Hale) Cresap

Nathan Crook said...


I so pleased to see you and I am entertained by your cross-country journey--the reverse pioneer in you. Whodathunkit when Brian White labeled you Sariah the Mormon Pioneer, it would have stuck. You know, we are not that far from Memphis, and I hear they do a mean BBQ down there...we just may have to come your way, but not in a covered wagon. All my very best,