Sunday, August 10, 2008

An issue of fairness

I may not have been totally fair with the cultural scene in NW Ohio in my last entry.

BG is a spit-and-polish Midwestern town and offers many cultural events, such as the Black Swamp Art Festival, and is the home of four museums not attached to the university: The Wood County Historical Center and Museum, American Civil War Museum of Ohio, the National Construction Equipment Museum, and Snook's Dream Cars.
Front Entrance of the Wood County Historical Center and Museum.
What more can you expect from the county seat of Ohio's CORN-iest county? (Wood County Boasts the largest amount of corn, soy, and tomato cultivation for commercial use in the state of Ohio). Nothing beats having pride in in the works of one's own hands and I see that pride reflected in some of the barns in the area:

Community pride also make itself visible through the architecture and maintenance of the community. This past spring, I was asked to contribute some perspective on the historical architecture of Main Street, BG for the 2009 Bowling Green calendar. Although I do not consider myself to be an artist, I believe that my curiosity and eye for the less-than-obvious contribute in ways that are just as important. I will not burden you, dear reader, with a plethora of images, but here are just a few details of BG. Oh, it also doesn't hurt to have a decent camera. I'm shooting with a Canon S3IS.

Looking North on Main Street (Dixie HYW) in BG

Old City Hall, now headquarters of BG's Finest

Wood County Courthouse

Detail of Huntington Bank

Marquee of the Cla-Zel Theater. It is presently undergoing renovations to convert it into a bar/ multi-use entertainment venue. Soon, one will be able to have a meal, a drink and watch live theater, listen to live music, or watch a film all at the same time.

One more update: Michelle brought it to my attention that we will BE IN TOWN during the tractor pulls and in Grand Rapids, Michigan the FOLLOWING weekend--beh.

Best, NC

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