Monday, August 11, 2008

GR Applebutter Festival October 2007

This post is for my good friend, Michelle Conrow, who is also interested in food festivals, takes these epic morning walks, and shares her pics with us. The following images are few of my favorite food pics culled from my research into food festivals. These are from the Grand Rapids (Ohio) Applebutter Festival, an annual one-day event that draws around 100,000 people into this Maumee River village of around 1000 inhabitants to buy the sweet pioneer treat and a whole lot of other stuff.

Stirring the 55 gallon copper kettle over an open fire.
Filling the bottles with boiling applebutter

the final product

Front Street, Grand Rapids during the February 2008 flood.

Best, NC

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Julie said...

Could I "borrow" your images for apple butter in copper kettle for a blog post I'm writing? We're trying to promote a farm visit to a local farm, which will be Oct 23. - my email is luvmyhub AT gmail DOT com