Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pemberville Free Fair 2008

The tiny village of Pemberville, Ohio lies approximately 10 miles down the Portage River from BG and hosts a plethora of historic and heritage events. Historic in that the Pemberville Free Fair is the last remaining free fair in the State of Ohio and the community regularly selects an item, event, activity to highlight as a way of communicating and constructing community pride. There are events throughout the year, and the community puts on a quality gathering--all the time. The restaurants are a notch above serviceable and I have never walked away dissatisfied. Pemberville is also the home of Beeker's General Store, one of Ohio's oldest general stores. A great place to visit and shop if you are looking for a unique item. I tend to buy a lot of gifts for friends and family at Beeker's.

Last night, we were in PV for the free fair. Michelle wanted her annual Waldo Sandwich fix. A "Waldo" is named after a small village near Delaware, OH where they take thick-sliced Eckrich Bologna and fry it on a griddle, slap it on a sandwich bun with a slice of American, dill pickle slices, and offer your choice of condiments: HEINZ ketchup or French's mustard. Michelle says it tastes like a flat hot dog. It's my hand, but I don't eat fried bologna:

Here is an image of my friend Sam Herrington with his heart-healthy Giant Tenderloin Sandwich I talked him into buying. I compared it to a Wienerschnitzle folded in half and slid between a diminutive bun with pickles and your choice of condiments: Heinz and French's. He took my advice that it was delicious and dove in. Since he had just finished the five-miler, he downed it with glee and declared it delicious! His metabolism runs so high, you should watch this dude down a plate of fried potatoes at The Corner Grill in BG at 2:00 AM.

Kermit the Tenderloin says HAVE A NICE DAY!

Best, NC

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